Mastering MidJourney: A Comprehensive Guide on AI Image Generation for Creative Professionals

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What is it?

This Gumroad product is a simple, effective MidJourney video tutorial to turn a fun AI platform into a capable professional tool you can use in your everyday work life.

MidJourney is one of the most capable AI imagery tools in the world. It can easily generate lifelike, photorealistic pictures with a simple "prompt" — Give it any sentence and it will generate the image that sentence describes.

As the simplest possible example, here is an image from the prompt:
"Portrait of a man, financial district, New York City"

Notice how realistic it is.

Not just for portraits either, images of any kind.

This unlocks incredible potential for professional visual creatives to easily plan & prototype their projects, or deliver entire client photoshoots for Ecommerce brands and more by typing just a few words into a prompt box.

But often when it comes to professional work, you need to get things exact and be able to deliver results repeatably. And MidJourney is known for being "Great for generating images of anything, but not so great for generating images of something specific."

Our short video guide will help you turn this incredible creative force into a tool you can wield with consistent confidence.

What will I learn?

Step into the future of digital creativity with our in-depth video guide, "Mastering MidJourney". Specifically designed for professionals, this tutorial offers a comprehensive exploration of AI image generation using the powerful tool, MidJourney.

Whether you're a graphic designer, digital marketer, content creator, or an AI enthusiast working in a professional setting, this guide is tailored to meet your advanced needs. It covers everything from basic prompting to sophisticated techniques like blending, permutations, and creating personalized AI images.

You'll also learn how to manipulate aspect ratios, use the 'no' function, assign weights to your prompts, and much more. The guide provides a detailed breakdown of MidJourney's various settings and modes, enabling you to customize the tool to your specific professional requirements.

With this guide, you'll not only master the use of MidJourney but also discover how to leverage its capabilities to elevate your professional projects.

Every guide comes with our LANDER 4.5-month no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy knowing if you're not astounded by what you're able to learn and apply from the guide, you can instantly access a refund & support. Just email

Invest in your professional growth and unlock the power of AI image generation with Mastering MidJourney today!

Which version should I buy?

Our different service & support levels are designed to cater to different professional needs and budgets. The Professional level is perfect for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, while the Advanced Professional offers additional resources for quick reference during projects. The Personalized Support is ideal for those who want direct interaction and personalized guidance.

I want this!

Learn tons of custom MidJourney functions, tips, and tricks, even if you're a regular user and long time subscriber to MidJourney. There's something for all experience levels.

Beginner Friendly
We cover the basics of MidJourney use quickly for anyone who's just starting out.
Become a Power User Efficiently
Many functions and tricks that takes most users months and tens of thousands of images generated to get the hang of, you'll learn in the first half hour of your time with this guide.
Learn how to think in Image Prompts
MidJourney gets better at a rapid pace. Forget learning complicated prompt languages and remembering special combinations of words, instead learn the principles that support the way MidJourney works so you can use each new version with ease and confidence.
Compare Features With Other Platforms
Explore how MidJourney's strengths and weaknesses can inform when you can use it for your professional work, vs when other tools might be a better fit for a given project.
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Mastering MidJourney: A Comprehensive Guide on AI Image Generation for Creative Professionals

0 ratings
I want this!