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DATA: iOS Shortcuts powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT with GPT-4 access, Learn Code with Ai Video Tutorials, Notion Templates, and more.


v4.1.7 is live: 8 New Shortcuts, plus an iPhone 15 Shortcut Button for DATA!

DATA v4.1.6 & Shortcuts Documentation

DATA v4.1.6 Goes Live Tomorrow

DATA v4.1.5 is live

DATA 1-click install is a few days away.

V4.1.1 Is Up

V4.1 BETA 2 β€”Β GPT-4-32k Support is here.

v4.0.8 with GPT-3.5-16k Support!!!!1

v4.0.7 Already :D

v4.0.6 β€” Creator Marketplace & New Initialize

πŸŽ‰ Celebrating $10k Revenue, 100 Subscribers & Exciting Updates! πŸš€

v3.2.7 Multilingual Elevenlabs is Live β€” AskDATA the autonomous agent goes live next week...

Video Walkthrough of All Shortcuts is Live!

v3.2.3 of SiriGPT is live, with AirpodsGPT! All known bugs fixed!

v3.2.2 didn't work...


v3.2.0 is live